Step 1

Choosing the right coconut oil can make a difference. There are a few different brands of this out there, either of which will do the job. However, as a personal preference, I would go with an Organic version or if you can't spare the cash for that, try something that is at least from the natural isle.

Step 2

You can apply this oil in 2 different ways, I find it much easier to bring the coconut oil to a warmer temperature (not hot, just enough to make it a liquid) and then applying it with either a brush, a small cloth. The other method would be to leave it at room temperature (a liquid solid) and apply it with my hands.

Step 3

Allow the finish to sit on the blocks for 3 - 8 hours (depending on your schedule) to allow the wood to soak in the Coconut Oil. Typically I just let them sit over night.

Step 4

After the blocks have sat for a time, there could be some excess oil left on the blocks, at this point you should buff them and then presto! You have finished the blocks.